“For all you’ve done, taking on this case and winning it, you have my sincere gratitude. Thanks so much.”


“Just wanted to say thank you for all you have done. You fought for me and that meant a lot.  People gave up. But, you stood by my side.  Thanks again for everything.”


“You helped my Dad (deceased) tremendously, and he spoke very highly of you.”


“I am satisfied you do good work. You are pretty quick. You are one of the best.  You know I don’t like the other representative.”


“God bless you to continue helping others like me. I greatly appreciated and congratulate you on the good work you did for me. It was worthy of the confidence that I placed in you. Thank you.”


“Emy Abitbol is honest and straightforward. He looked at my case file and told me what kind of chance I had with it. This is after it had been on the shelf for 5 years. In the end he won my appeals and got me a hearing before the Board.”


“When I hired Emy Abitbol, he was honest and told me that I really didn’t need his  services. But I didn’t want to wait until I did have difficulties and then go to him.  With having him from the beginning, I didn’t run into any real problems.”


“THANK YOU for all the help. You are a trustworthy, honest, no forked tongue person along with being a TRUE business person.”

for all the help. You are a trustworthy, honest, no forked tongue person along with being a TRUE business person.”


“I am writing you this letter to thank you for all the help you did for my family and I.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  It’s gratefully appreciated.”


“I suffered a misfortunate on the job accident in 1992, which permanently impaired my abilities to perform my regular work duties. I tried returning to my regular job; however, after a brief period, I was forced to seek medical attention where I was instructed to contact the WSIB to seek further therapy. That is when my life went from bad to worse. I was denied any compensable support, which forced me into a three-year battle with the Workers Compensation Board. After continuously being denied support, and facing my final appeal, I sought the help of Workers’ Compensation Representative For Workers.

It was the best decision I could have made. Their expertise in revenue loss due to compensable injury, and their ongoing support during my rehabilitation has ensured that my family and I receive the maximum benefits possible.

You could hire a lawyer and pay legal fees, regardless of the outcome. Or better yet, you could do like I did – hire Emy Abitbol, Workers’ Compensation Representative For Workers, and only owe if he wins. I can’t imagine what my family and I would have done without the support and expertise of Mr. Abitbol.  Thank you Emy.”


“I wish to thank you for all the help you have provided in dealing with my WSIB matters.  I would not have known where to start without your expertise in these matters.  I was very impressed on how organized and articulate you were when we met with the WSIB representatives concerning my case.  Injured workers need people like you to advise them on what to do and how to go about it because most of them don’t have a clue how to deal with the WSIB.  Thanks again Mr. Abitbol for taking my case.”


“Thank you for the hard work you have done for my case in this past year. It was much appreciated, without your help things would have been most impossible for me.”


“I would like to thank you for all the hard work you did for me.  It would have been impossible to do it on my own.  Thanks to your knowledge, your compassion and your empathy you have made my life a lot easier.  My family and I are very grateful.  I know that if ever I have a problem I can depend on you to be there.  Thank you again.”


“I Ron Deschamps would like to take this time to thank you on behalf of myself and my family for your help.  When I contacted you I was at my ends with the Workers Compensation Board.  After our interview with yourself you brought us hope and encouragement.  I was very pleased with your hard work and dedication towards our case with the Board.  I was amazed at the Hearing we had in Sudbury, on how much knowledge with the laws concerning injured workers and their rights also the case law paperwork you had done and had at your disposal during the Hearing.  The Hearing and its results were more than what we expected to receive.  Before we went to you – we had nothing.  But, through your hard work and dedication we prevailed.  Thank you.  I thank you also for not stopping there after the Hearing but getting me the training for my now trade in Small Engine Repairs.  I Ron Deschamps give you permission to use this letter if you feel it will help another person making their minds in procuring your services.  
Thank You Again.

“I will first start off by saying from the first time that me and my wife met with you there was no doubt in our minds that you were the real deal, unlike every other representatives that I had previously had.  We knew that this was not your first barbecue. After all the years I had spent trying to get help with my case nothing was happening and I thought nothing would ever get done, till that one day I picked up one of your business cards at my doctor’s office and from that day my life totally changed.  Even though I still live in discomfort every day, a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders just knowing I had you representing me.  I want to say that all of the work that you have done for me and still are doing is greatly appreciated.  I would refer you to my best friend and anyone in that matter in a heartbeat.  I truly like the way you get work done in a timely fashion, and you always keep me posted, with a letter or by phone. What I truly appreciate is that you do all the work and that relieves me of all the stress.  To me you are an awesome representative and a good friend.  No words can explain how honoured I am having you working for me, and still I can’t say it enough.  I greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for me and my family.  Thank you so much.”
P.S:    “Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
            I know we will thanks to you.”


“In 1992, I got injured and received compensation for a year before they cut me off.  Since I couldn’t work because of the injury, my family and I had to get assistance from social services.  In 1995, I was going to lose my house so I was forced go back to work.  I was on pain pills and managed to work for eight months when I got hurt again.  In March of 1996, I collected compensation.  However, I was soon cut off.  Even though the doctor said that I was disabled, the compensation Board would not pay me.  My wife saw Emy Abitbol’s advertisement in the Northern Life.  I went to him for help.  He fought for me and got me everything that he said he would.  My life has changed for the better.  Had it not been for Emy, I would probably still be on social assistance.  I am sending this letter to you, Emy to show my appreciation and gratitude.  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me.”


“I would like to say Thank You very much for the wonderful representation you gave me against the WSIB.  You are # 1.  I would recommend you to anyone who may need assistance.  Thank you very much!!”


“I want to thank you for all the hard work you have done and continue to do in negotiating and acquiring a positive outcome in both my cases against the Workers Compensation Board.  In 2000, I was awarded a pension and you helped me to receive the funds in one lump sum.  At the same time you were able to help me acquire an additional $13,000.00 due to an internal error at the WSIB for using the wrong charts to calculate my settlement.  In 2004, the WSIB denied me supplementary funds that I was entitled to. Through the appeal, you were able to go to the Tribunal and one my case. Once again through your hard work and dedication you were able to recover my funds.  I want to thank you for a good job done; you handled my case(s) gracefully and you were very knowledgeable and got a positive outcome in my judgment.”


“I greatly appreciate you as my representative in my WSIB case.  I would like to thank you very much for all the hard work- in such a short time you have had to achieve so much.  If you don’t mind I have gone ahead and have recommended you and your services to many of my family and friends.  Thank you so much again.”


“I am a client of Mr. Emy Abitbol and have been for a while now.  I find Mr. Abitbol to be very professional at all times.  I am very pleased with his service which he performs with honesty and integrity.  I would not hesitate to recommend his services to friends and family.”  


“I can say that I was happy with the services of Workers’ Compensation Representative For Workers, Emy Abitbol.  I found his work on my claim to be fast, knowledgeable and relentless for my dispute and had it resolved in a short time for a mutual agreement between all parties. I would recommend to anyone that his service is essential to a fair and proper claim.”


“Thank you so very much for your hard work and perseverance on my behalf with the WSIB.  Without you I would have nothing but constant pain.  Again, I thank you for all your help.”


“To any future clients of Emy Abitbol:

When I found this guy, I was real sceptical.  Here is a guy who worked for compensation, who was part of the people who denied my claims so many times in the past, and now says he can and wants to help me?  What’s up with this guy, huh?  This guy is THE guy you NEED on your side.  He is really there to help the injured worker who is tired to deal with the Compensation or “the Board” as he will refer to them.  He got me positive results when the Board and other professionals told me there was no chance.  He never misled me in anyway.  He was upfront, didn’t beat around the bush and spoke to me with language I could understand.  Emy Abitbol is the man you want for good results.  If he can’t help you, he’ll tell you.  But if he can help, trust him, he does good work producing quick results.  In my opinion, even his fee is money well invested.  Thank you very much Emy. YOU DA MAN!”


“I was very disappointed when I applied to WSIB for reassessment of my opposite limb due to sequelae as prescribed by a surgeon and also other entitlements that were due to me. Through frustration I decided to seek the services of Mr. Emy Abitbol,  Workers’ Compensation Representative For Workers.  I found this gentleman to be very thorough and professional on my behalf.  I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone.”


“Thank you for your diligence and expertise!  Most of all for your compassion.”


“In the past I have met with a few lawyers and never had any results.  I am grateful for the great work you have done since you took my case.  You kept me informed every step of the way and also took the time to explain things to me in ways I would understand.  I am truly satisfied with the settlement that you reached for me and my family.  I will highly recommend you to anyone in the future.”




Thanks so much for your assistance in my appeal.  I could not of done it without you.  The monthly pension certainly helps alleviate anxiety when I do not work as much.  Your expertise helped bring about this positive outcome. 

Take care.


February 1, 2009, To whoever so reads this letter, This letter is one of deep and sincere gratitude to the man who has helped make my life less stressful financially, mentally and most of all physically. Without this decent and caring man I would not have won a single penny that was forthright coming to me. After years of living with stress, frustration, depression and extreme physical chronic pain this man made it possible to alleviate all those by winning my case with the WSIB. I am forever grateful and cannot praise his hard work and dedication to not only me but to many people he has helped over the years. When you live so many years feeling like the battle will go on forever and you find justification there are no words to describe the feelings that abound. In winning my case this man has made it possible for me to live with hope even in the darkest hours of my physical pain. I owe this all to Mr. Emy Abitbol. So thank you so ever Emy. If there was a medal of valor for people like you well you surely would win it. Again thank you sincerely, “


“After having no representation since the beginning of my ordeal, I decided to contact Emmanuel after seeing his advertisement in the local newspaper.  I wanted to discuss the possibility of an appeal to one of the Board’s recent decisions.  After our initial meeting, he assured me that my concern was valid and that an appeal was in order.  I am so glad that I decided to acquire his services.  Over and above the initial concern, he noticed that other issues should be addressed as well.

Due to his knowledge, perserverance, and dedication, he successfully secured a substantial monetary award and greatly increased the L.O.E. benefits.

I am very pleased with the representation that Emmanuel is providing.  He continues to keep my best interest in mind during the appeal process.  His strive for excellence is apparent in all aspects of his work.  I highly recommend the professional services provided by Emmanuel Abitbol.”




“I would like to take this time to thank you for all that you have done.

From our first initial meeting, I knew you were the one who was able to help me win my case. Without making any promises, you gave me hope and belief. After speaking with you that first day, I walked out of your office with a smile on my face, my stress and frustrations started to go away a little more every day.

You are a straightforward person and you show great professionalism and knowledge. Every time I spoke with you or received letters you had ridden related to my case I was amazed by the amount of work and dedication you were putting to my case. As our tribunal hearing, again I could not believe how ready and organized you were. You knew every single detail that was in my file and you were to find them. When I left your office that day, again I left with a smile on my face and full of confidence.

 Even though we ran into some complications, I was always confident that everything was going to be all right because I trusted you. You handled everything with professionalism and your words were always well chosen and showed great deal of knowledge.

 Another amazing thing about you is after we one part of my case, you did not quit, you kept fighting and working hard for me. You make sure that I will get everything that I am able to get without me having to ask. You are the best.

 It took a while for me to write this thank you letter. I wanted it to be perfect and look professional and amazing as you are but it was impossible. So I would like to say thank you so much for all your hard work, I appreciate everything that you have done and keep doing. Thank you from me and my common-law partner, without you it would have been impossible. You could not imagine the amount of appreciation and respect we have for you. You have given us a big helping hand for our future. I would recommend and speak highly of you to anyone without hesitation. Keep up the great work in helping people and changing their lives.”

Take care.


“I would like to personally thank Mr. Abitbol for the positive and significant changes that he has made to my current situation. Mr. Abitbol represented me in a professional, efficient and caring manner showing that he truly empathized with my unfortunate situation. Always with my best interest in mind, he successfully secured substantial monetary awards and greatly increased both the LOE and LOE retirement fund payments. Now that my appeal is resolved, I wanted to provide this testimonial to encourage others to consult with Mr. Abitbol to explore options that could greatly improve their own situations.”

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